Flora & Fauna

(ENG) The Monkey Cup (a.k.a Tropical Pitcher Plant) uses a very clever method to gain food. It grows in areas where the soil has very little nutrients. It then captures drops of water in a cup-like leaf and uses it to lure insects. While the insects drink the water, this plant steadily digests them.

(ENG) Sumatra is home to some of the rarest species of animals and plants in the world.
The most popular and the most well known species of fauna in Sumatra are the Sumatran white tigers. The Sumatran white Tiger is the smallest of the subspecies of tiger in the world. They live deep in the rain forests of Sumatra eating wild pigs, monkey and deer. 

(ENG) Sumatra has one of the most rarest and unusual plants and trees. The majority of Sumatra's raiforest contain most of these rare plants and trees even nowadays. 
Sumatra is home to a lot of unique plants with a lot of distinctive functions which helps Sumatra maintain its ecosystems. The Rafflesia  arnoldii, which happens to be the largest flower in the world, as well as the Amorphophalus titanum, the world's tallest flower, are both located in the rainforests of central Sumatra. There are 16 different species of Rafflesia found in Sumatra. The Rafflesia plant flowers in between August and November. The flower can weigh up to 10kgs and is sometimes referred to as the corpse flower , because of the pungent smell it gives off, similar to rotting meat. Amorphophalus Titanum, the tallest flower as well as Rafflesia Arnoldi only flower once every three years and can stand over 2 meters tall. Other species found in Sumatra include the Rafflesia Gaduansi, Rafflesia Acehensis and the Rafflesia Zippleni. 



(LATIN) Sumatran Amorphophallus.

(ENG) Sumatran Amorphophallus.

(IND) Sumatera Amorphophallus.

(NL) Sumatraanse Amorphophallus.

(LATIN) Sumatran Orang Utan.

(ENG) Sumatran Orang Utan.

(IND) Orang Utan Sumatra.

(NL) Sumatraanse Orang Utan.

(LATIN) Sumatran Leastudo graece

(ENG) Sumatran sea turtle

(IND) Penyo laut Sumatera.

(NL) Sumatraanse zeeschildpad.

(LATIN) Muntiacus montanus Sumatran

(ENG) Sumatran Muntjak

(IND) Sumatera Muntjak

(NL) Sumatraanse Muntjak, hertachtige.

(LATIN) Mirabilis Jalapa L.

(ENG) Four O'clock flower. Originaly from Mexico

(IND) Bunga Ashar,  berasal dari Meksiko

(NL) De vier-uur bloem, oorspronkelijk uit Mexico.

(LATIN) Tracheophyta, Annonaceae

(ENG) Flower Ylang.

(IND) Pohon kenanga dapat.

(NL) Ylangboom met bloem.

(LATIN) Sirih, phytopharmaca.

(ENG) Betel, medicinal plant.

(IND) Sirih, digunakan sebagai tanaman obat.

(NL) Betel, medicinale inheemse plant.

(LATIN) Pulum Batavica.

(ENG) Dutch Chicken.

(IND) Ayam Belanda.

(NL) Nederlandse kip.

(LATIN) Viridi viridario pavonem.

(ENG) Green peacock.

(IND) Burung Merak Hijau.

(NL) Groen pauw.

(LATIN) Elephas maximus sumatranus.

(ENG) Sumatran elephant.

(IND) Gajah Sumatera.

(NL) Sumatraanse olifant.

(LATIN) Tigris Sumatran.

(ENG) Sumatran tiger.

(IND) Harimau Sumatera.

(NL) Sumatraanse tijger.